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What do you get when your mother is a surgeon and your father is a caterer? A Mohel!

Born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, Rabbi Alex was raised in a household where excellence was second nature. His mother’s surgical
prowess and his father’s ability to elevate every Jewish celebration, known as Simcha, served as invaluable examples.

Rabbi Alex’s calling has deep roots in his family’s history. Back in the tough
times of World War II, his ancestors included a renowned Mohel based in
Zurich. This rich family heritage has ingrained in him a profound belief that being a Mohel is not simply a profession but a true calling etched into his very DNA.

Rabbi Alex's journey led him to Yeshiva Shaar Hatorah in Queens, NY, where he studied Torah, the Bible, and Jewish law for over seven years. As a Rosh Kollel in Woodmere, NY, he cherished sharing his knowledge of Torah. During his exploration of the Laws and Customs of Bris Milah, he felt a deep spiritual connection, motivating him to become a Mohel.
Rabbi Alex sought practical training by learning from experienced Mohelim in the United States. He then took the next step and pursued further education at the prestigious London School of Circumcision. Under the guidance of the esteemed and renowned instructor, Ephraim Josovic, Rabbi Alex honed his skills and gained a deeper understanding of the sacred art of circumcision.

Currently residing in Kew Gardens, NY, Rabbi Alex lives with his wife Atara,
who serves as a physician’s assistant in New York Presbyterian Hospital’s
Transplant Division, and their three children. Situated centrally, Rabbi Alex’s
location enables him to readily travel wherever he is needed, extending his
assistance to families not only throughout New York but also across New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and beyond.

With Rabbi Alex’s expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication, families in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island can trust in his ability to perform this sacred ceremony, ensuring that their cherished moments are imbued with beauty, tradition, and heartfelt significance.