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Frequently Asked Questions

The total time of the ceremony is about fifteen minutes, however the circumcision itself is only about thirty seconds!

In certain situations, the bris may be postponed if the baby has a medical condition that would make circumcision unsafe or if there are other health concerns. It is important to consult with a medical professional and a rabbi to determine the appropriate course of action.

If the eighth day of the child’s life falls on Shabbat or a Jewish holiday, the bris can still take place on that day. Circumcision is considered a mitzvah (commandment) that supersedes certain restrictions on Shabbat and holidays. C-Sections and births during Bein Hashmashot must be pushed off until Sunday.

Certainly! I will provide a step-by-step explanation throughout the ceremony, which will allow them to follow along and find it meaningful. 

While it is not mandatory, it is customary to have a celebratory meal, often referred to as a seudat mitzvah, following the bris ceremony. This meal is an opportunity to gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth and the covenant with God.
If your son has a condition like hypospadias, torsion, or a webbed penis, Rabbi Alex Wiener understands the importance of ensuring a safe and appropriate bris ceremony. He collaborates closely with top urologists who specialize in pediatric urology to address any medical considerations. Prior to the bris, Rabbi Wiener will consult with the urologist to determine the best approach and timing for the circumcision procedure, ensuring that it aligns with the child’s health needs. This collaboration helps to ensure that the bris ceremony is conducted safely and at the most appropriate time for your child’s well-being.

It is recommended to contact Rabbi Alex Wiener as soon as possible after your child’s birth. This allows ample time for scheduling and preparation, ensuring a smooth and well-planned Bris ceremony. However, you are more than welcome to call before the birth with any questions!

Rabbi Alex Wiener will guide you through the selection of appropriate prayers, blessings, and readings for the Bris ceremony. He will help you personalize the ceremony to reflect your family’s values and traditions

Rabbi Alex Wiener utilizes techniques and methods to minimize discomfort and ensure the baby’s well-being throughout the ceremony, including topical anesthetic (provided by Mohel), and sweeties for baby to suck on.

Rabbi Alex Wiener will provide post-Bris support, addressing any questions you may have. He understands the significance of this milestone and is committed to supporting you during this time.

The healing begins immediately after the Bris. All bandages are removed and I will guide you through the first few diaper changes. Typically, within about a week, everything is completely back to normal. 

While it is preferable to have a minyan of ten men present, the Bris can still be performed with just immediate family in attendance.