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Bris Milah

Cultural Circumcision


The Mohel who is with you from start to finish!

The Mohel who is with you from start to finish!

Pre-Bris checkup

Every Bris and every baby is unique. That is why I schedule a visit with you a few days beforehand for a quick check-up to ensure that your baby is healthy for his big day. This is also an opportunity for me to sit down with parents and answer any questions they may have about the Bris, from details around the procedure to planning the whole event.

The day of the Bris

Since the majority of Brisim take place on workdays, I understand that timing is essential. I will arrive at the location for the Bris at the Bris at least a half-hour in advance to set up and prep the baby. After the Bris, I will give you clear aftercare instructions. I know from my own personal experience how hectic this time is, so throughout the day, I will check in with the parents to hear how they and the baby are doing.

Post-Bris checkup

Thanks to modern medicine, the incision is almost completely healed by the end of the day. Nevertheless, I am always available for a post-Bris checkup for the baby and to answer any questions that parents may have about the aftercare. Until the next Bris, please keep in touch and of course send me an invite to the Bar Mitzvah!