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“Rabbi Alex Wiener conducted a beautiful, shtick-free bris ceremony, one of the most meaningful and uplifting I have ever attended. And, as a pediatrician with almost two decades of clinical experience, I would grade the result an A plus plus!”
- Dr. Henry Rascoff
Pediatrician, Sound Beach Pediatrics, Stamford, CT.
Dr. Henry Rascoff
“I have had the opportunity to observe Rabbi Alex Wiener as he’s done multiple Brissim/circumcisions, and I am very impressed with his professionalism, his sterility and his ability to take care of a wide range of families in an effective and safe measure and manner”
- Dr. Mark Ehrenpreis
Urologist, Northwell Health, Queens, NY.
Dr. Mark Ehrenpreis
“The Bris looks superb! Done by an expert!”
- Dr. David Hurwitz
Pediatrician Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Dr. David Hurwitz
“Excellent Mohel. Rabbi Wiener is skilled, patient, and extremely caring. He did a great job of explaining the steps of the Bris as well as the after care. He followed up multiple times to check on the progress of the healing process. Would absolutely recommend Rabbi Wiener!”
- Dr. Mordy G.
Fresh Meadows, NY
Dr. Mordy G.
“Rabbi Alex Wiener has been absolutely amazing since our sons bris. He answered all our questions before and after, while being encouraging to my wife and I as we navigated our sons aftercare. We would highly recommend him!”
- Phillip B.
New Rochelle, NY
Phillip B.
“Rabbi Alex Wiener has been absolutely amazing since our sons bris. He answered all our questions before and after, while being encouraging to my wife and I as we navigated our sons aftercare. We would highly recommend him!”
- David M.
Rego Park, NY
David M.
“Rabbi Wiener did a great job for our son’s bris. He was very reassuring, comforting, and professional. He was supportive throughout the process and available and engaged in the days afterwards to make sure our son was healing as he should. In the days leading up to bris, Rabbi Wiener was extremely helpful and was easily accessible for any questions we had.”
- Ari S.
West Hartford, CT
Ari S.
“walked us through every step including calming us down. He is overly prepared in the best way possible and gave me supplies to use after and continuously checked in with us. His work was the best of my three sons, couldn’t say anything bad about him! He is a no brainer, couldn’t recommend him more!”
- Amanda B (RN)
Newton, MA
Amanda B (RN)
“Compassionate, loving, caring and gentle. Understanding the needs of the parents and helpful “
- Yitzchok Z.
Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Yitzchok Z.
“Rabbi Alex was an absolute pleasure to work with. His instructions were clear and easy to follow. He was extremely knowledgeable and skilled and did a fantastic job. His calm demeanor and gentleness kept me and my wife at ease throughout the whole process. We would definitely use him again and recommend him.”
- Nachum L.
Monsey, NY
Nachum L.
“Rabbi Alex performed our son’s bris and we couldn’t be happier with his services. He was professional, personable, exceptionally calm, and patient, explaining everything we needed to do clearly and easily. He did a fabulous job and we highly recommend him!”
- Chaya G.
Woodmere, NY
Chaya G.
“From the initial phone call and home visit, we knew that we made the right decision in choosing Rabbi Wiener as the mohel for our son’s bris. His broad knowledge and mastery of circumcision are paralleled by his expertise and excellent bedside manner. Through every step of the process, Rabbi Wiener was there for us, clearly explaining and preparing us for the procedure as well as answering any questions we had (and this being our first son, we had many). Rabbi Wiener made himself available to us at all times of the day and we always felt comfortable reaching out to him. His instructions and advice – prior to, during, and following the bris – were clear and insightful, making it easy for us to care for our son throughout the process. We never had a doubt that we were in good hands. Rabbi Wiener’s experience and professionalism are apparent to all. I definitely hope to use Rabbi Wiener in the future. Would give more than five stars, if possible.”
- Yehuda L
Staten Island, NY
Yehuda L
“After interviewing a handful of Mohels, Rabbi Alex Wiener stood out from the rest. Being a first time parent, the Rabbi put me at ease speaking with him about the Bris. He was very responsive prior to, the day of and after the actual ceremony. He went above and beyond with his follow up and concern. Rabbi Wiener did an outstanding job and he guided us through the healing process every step of the way. Highly recommend!!”
- Debbie A.
Garden City, NY
Debbie A.
“Very very happy with our decision to use Rabbi Wiener as our Mohel!”
- Dr. Perri B.
Cedarhurst, NY
Dr. Perri B.
“We could not have been happier with Rabbi Wiener doing our son’s Bris! He was so helpful and available beforehand to answer all of our questions and was warm, calm, and professional throughout the day of the ceremony. He also was great about following up afterwards to make sure the baby was doing well. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Mohel.”
- Ben N.
Scarsdale, NY
Ben N.
Rabbi Wiener was a pleasure to work with. This was our first Brit with him as mohel, but our third Brit so we have experience with a range of mohelim. Rabbi Wiener was with us every step of the way, providing guidance and experience in the days leading up the Brit, and gave us every assurance that all will go well. He certainly did not disappoint. As a mohel, he is an expert, the circumcision was perfect and the baby healed nicely and more rapidly than our others. As a person, his caring, warmth, and guidance from before the day through recovery will leave you reassured that you are in good hands the whole way through.
- Raffi L.
Greatneck, NY.
Raffi L.
“Rabbi Wiener did our son’s Bris. He was extremely professional, and gave us precise and thorough guidance for before and after care. By the time he was through, we felt very confident in what we needed to do and how to do it. The Bris itself went very smoothly as well. We highly recommend him, especially to any first timer boy parents. “
- Avi S.
Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Avi S.
“Very happy and impressed with Rabbi Alex Weiner. He was very calming and professional. As any nervous mother I had a lot of questions and he answered all with detailed after care instructions. He stayed few hours after the Brit to ensure my son was healing properly and he even came to my house later that evening to check up and address any concerns. Overall my husband and I had a wonderful experience with rabbi Alex and couldn’t thank him enough. You will not be disappointed.”
- Nasim and Limor A.
Fresh Meadows, NY
Nasim and Limor A.
“Rabbi Alex Wiener performed my son’s bris last month and I have nothing but wonderful things to say! He was professional and patient! He is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions at the event and even following the event. He is very reliable, and is always there to respond to emails and phone calls we make. We had the most wonderful experience! I would highly recommend Rabbi Alex Wiener!”
- Genna H.
Oceanside, NY
Genna H.
“Alex was fantastic to work with. He worked with us to create the ceremony we wanted, communicated clear instructions, and had a calm presence through the whole process. Very profesional and did a great job. Highly recommend.”
- Erica R.
Riverdale, NY
Erica R.
I can’t say enough good things about Rabbi Alex Wiener. He was extremely responsive as we were coordinating the Bris and did a fantastic job. His calm demeanor with us and the baby made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. He was very professional, explained everything clearly and even followed up with us several times after the bris to make sure our son was doing well with the recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great Mohel!
- Gary B.
Needham, MA
Gary B.
“Rabbi Weiner was wonderful to work with from start to finish. He was extremely professional and was in communication with us, making sure our baby was doing well for the weeks surrounding the bris. I would happily recommend him to others and have done so to people in my community.”
- Dr. Jon S.
West Hartford, CT.
Dr. Jon S.
“Highly recommend! Rabbi Wiener was professional, communicative, patient and understanding throughout the Bris, and followed up multiple times post Bris to ensure all was well and provide guidance.”
- Rivka L.
Spring Valley, NY
Rivka L.
“We had a shabbos bris which can be a bit more complicated rabbi wiener was very accommodating and the process went smoothly, scheduling was easy. Happens to be my uncle is also a urologist was very happy with his technique. He was in constant communication with us before, during and has been great after and extremely helpful regarding the aftercare. Rabbi Wiener both very personable and professional 100% recommend.”
- Nancy R.
Greenwich Village, NYC
Nancy R.
“Rabbi Wiener performed my sons bris and he did an excellent job! Was super easy to work with and schedule. Did a great job with the little guy! And continued to stay in touch to make sure the healing was going well. Highly recommend!”
- Maria B.
Long Island City, NY
Maria B.
“Rabbi Alex was absolutely amazing! His professional level and expertise was the top of the top. Rabbi Alex showed care to the baby and made the mother feel secure and happy. All questions were answered for the parents and the guests were impressed.”
- Dr. Michael W.
New Haven, CT
Dr. Michael W.
“Rabbi Alex Wiener was beyond personable and kind to our family. The ceremony itself was engaging to our in-person and virtual guests. My wife and I are so happy we found him. Thank you Rabbi Wiener!”
- Harrison A.
Astoria, NY
Harrison A.
“Could not be happier with Rabbi Alex’s services. From start to finish everything was done with professionalism and care. His knowledge and diligence put us very much at ease throughout.”
- Messa K.
Inwood, NY
Messa K.
“After the two brises for our older sons were done by a very highly esteemed mohel in our community I thought I knew what to expect, which was that the baby is in a lot of pain the day of the bris itself, but that they get better quickly the day after. However, the way that Alex managed to do it, my baby seemed perfectly fine, he wasn’t even particularly fussy, just a bit more sleepy than usual. It seems that the way he handles the post bris wound care makes a huge difference to the comfort level of the baby. The bris itself looks perfect and everything was done with an excellent level of accuracy and attention to hygiene. He was very organized, had a very thoughtful way to prepare everything so that nothing was left to chance, and was willing to check in several times afterwards to make sure everything was good (even though there was no reason why it wouldn’t be, except nervous parents) and to teach us how to care for the baby afterwards.”
- Anna M.
Boston, MA
Anna M.