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Why should we use a Mohel and not just do the circumcision in the hospital?

This is a very common question that new parents ask me, and after the Bris they have their answer! Choosing a Mohel for your son’s circumcision is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition and offers unique spiritual, cultural and practical benefits that hospital procedures may not provide. This decision is more than just a medical choice; it’s a way to help your son feel connected to his faith and heritage from the very beginning, creating a meaningful and memorable start to his journey in the Jewish community. 

Spiritual Significance: Circumcision performed by a Mohel is not just a medical procedure; it’s a sacred ritual known as a Bris Milah, fulfilling a covenant between your child and G-d. A Mohel brings a deep understanding of this significance, ensuring the ceremony is conducted with the utmost reverence.

Cultural Tradition: A Mohel is trained specifically in the Jewish customs and prayers that accompany the Bris Milah. This creates a rich, meaningful experience for your family and the community, preserving the continuity of Jewish heritage and identity. 

Expertise and Experience: Mohels are highly skilled and experienced in performing circumcisions on infants. Their specialized training focuses on both the religious and medical aspects of the procedure, often resulting in a quicker and less distressing experience for the both the baby and the family.

Personalized Ceremony: A Mohel typically performs the Bris Milah in a private or community setting, allowing for a personalized and intimate ceremony. This contrasts with the more clinical environment of a hospital, fostering a warm and supportive atmosphere for the family.

Post-Care Guidance: Mohels provide detailed aftercare instructions and ongoing support, ensuring your baby’s well-being and comfort during the healing process. Their dedicated attention helps address any concerns you might have promptly and effectively.

That is why many experienced OB-GYNs and pediatricians, having performed countless circumcisions themselves, place their trust in me to perform their sons’ or grandsons’ Bris ceremonies!